About Us

Li'Rann Holistic Health

is AUSTRALIA's only Bohemian eco-friendly Clinic with a focus on science-based therapies

in a natural & holistic framework.

We bring a relaxed and personal touch to our clinic by being ourselves.  Our therapists are human,  just like our clients... surprise!

The Li'Rann practice is built on a chilled out model where we embrace diversity, bare foot is awesome, and a good, healthy body image is something we encourage whole-heartedly.

We approach health with a broad holistic view, where your physical health, mental health and soul health are equally as important.  All parts of you need to be healthy if you are to feel healthy and live a healthy life.

Our offerings are massage, stretch sessions, dance classes, workshops in natural health and yarn crafts, as well as the spiritual teaching of Urishe.  We periodically host social events, and involve ourselves in the community around us wherever and whenever we can.

It's All About Holism...

​Holism is the idea that everything should be considered within the context of its connections and interconnections with everything else around and within.

Everything is part of a system and nothing stands by itself in isolation.  The more you look at something, the more you can see its connections, and the more you can see systems within systems, and systems interacting with other systems.

To treat holistically is to look at the "big picture" and to adjust any treatment approach so that any effect of treatment will positively impact an individual as a whole.