Massage In-Calls...

Whether you just need to chill out with a Relaxation Massage; need your aches, pains and muscular woes attended to with a Holistic Remedial Massage; or incorporate stretching with your massage in a Yogic Massage...  we have a session just for you.  You can even treat yourself to a Manuka Honey Massage which rejuvenates your skin as well as relaxes your muscles... it's one of our specialties!
Li'Rann Holistic Health is a home-based clinic, and we are happy to open our home to our clients and provide travel-free rates for coming out to us for your session... we don't currently have a separate massage area so beg your indulgence at our open-home environment.



Chill out and relax with a combination of essential oils and lighter strokes that glide across your skin, and gently knead your muscles.  Relaxation Massage is for those who don't have muscular problems that need attention, but rather just need some TLC time out.

Holistic Remedial


Using many different techniques in a holistic fashion to help ease muscle pain, and to aid in alleviating muscular problems.  Treatment may involve yogic positions, stretching and a variety of different massage styles.  Advice on life-style ergonomics, food as medicine, and plant medicine may also be offered.



This type of massage is especially for those who believe in Energy Work, and who find benefit in combining their physical massage with energy work.  Redacting is the act of delving into the energy of a body to get a clearer image of any issues, and can include easing emotional and spiritual problems as well as muscular.

Manuka Honey


Feeling tired and stressed?  Feel like a little pampering?  Looking for a pick-me-up for your skin?  A Manuka Honey Massage is just the thing for you!

We combine Manuka Honey with Virgin Avocado Oil and our own special blend of Healing Essential Oils to give you a pampering relaxation massage that leaves you and your skin feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and revitalised.

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