There are two experienced therapists at Li'Rann Holistic Health @ The Block in Isis River

Jei Li'Rann

Jei is the admin behind all things Li’Rann.  He is a Holistic Health Facilitator, trained in Massage and Phytomedicine, as well as Dance and Stretch.  Jei's holistic outlook informs every part of his massage practice, which with his degree level biology and chemistry gives his practice more depth and understanding than you would find with other therapists.  His special interest and background in science-based Plant Medicine is a treatment your health can't miss, especially when combined with massage!

Bryan "Monkey"


Bryan, aka Monkey, is the Energy Healer In Residence at Li'Rann Holistic Health.  He provides Relaxation Massage and Redactive Massage, as well as being a Li'Rann Stretch Facilitator.  Bryan's specialty of Redactive Massage is the use of redaction or energy delving to inform his physical massage treatment. He also holds the enviable position of Chief Guineapig for new therapies and products developed in clinic as well! 

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